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Our Chosen Research Topic: 

21st Century Health Care

Why did we chose this topic?

We initially wanted to focus on population, but population was too general of a topic so we needed to decide on one specific aspect of population. As the population increases, the systems that keep vital parts of the world we live in viable and working will be pushed to their limits, energy sources, pure water, food, you name them. However one topic that caught our attention was healthcare. The healthcare industry will be stretched to its limit as the population blooms. At this current time, earth's population is 7 Billion (Thats alot), so we decided to research and compare how the healthcare systems are currently fairing to how it was in the past, to find out if it is progressing or degrading, and the improvements that can be made.

Generating Research Questions

Popplets in Orange are proposed research questions

Research Questions Generated:

What services are included in Health Care?

Providing clinics, healthcare products, health diagnosis, emergency healthcare and making all of it affordable at the same time. These are some of the examples we have come up with that healthcare providers all over the world should have.

Can clinics alleviate the stress on hospitals?

Why is all the stress of patients being put on hospitals? Clinics are healthcare facilities for people with more minor health emergencies to go to, they were implemented to reduce stress on hospitals so as to ensure that the hospitals are more ready and prepared for the more urgent patients. But are these clinics really helping?

Why can't 1st world health care be brought to 3rd world countries?

In countries suffering from poverty healthcare is expensive for them and not affordable. However in more developed countries healthcare is cheaper and more convenient, why is this so? Can healthcare possibly be made free to the world? 

Final Research Question:

What can be done to bring first world health care to third world countries affordably?

Research Compilation:

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