5. Conclusions

The End - Conclusions

This is it! The conclusion of everything that we have learned so far and what do we intend to do with that knowledge. A summary of everything that we have learned and discussed. 

Here are two videos we made to sum it all up. Enjoy!

IRS Team Delta - Conclusions, Pt. 01 

*Pardon us, but our research focus is "What can be done to bring necessary health care to developing countries affordably?". Thank you for your understanding.

The Popplet

IRS Team Delta - Conclusions, Pt. 02 

The Popplet


Here are the slides that we prepared for our class presentation.


A Short Summary 
The summing up of all that we have done.

So what have we learned through this research on health care?
  • There are four kinds of health care.
    1. Preventative Care
    2. Primary Care
    3. Secondary Care
    4. Tertiary Care
  • Developed countries have different health care problems than developing countries.
Both suffer from different types of diseases and ailments, as well as differing in their organizational and money problems. 

Thus, developed countries have problems in secondary care and tertiary care and need more money. Developing countries have problems in preventative and primary care and need a better organizational system.
  • The problems of developing countries are easy to solve but hard to carry out. 
Most of the problems developing countries suffer from have already been solved with modern advancements and technology. However, there are many in their country that need help and getting aid to them will be a massive organizational headache. 

Hence, an incentive is required to spur change, both in the government and in the people. 
  • Only the government has the resources to carry this out.
The government has access to their country's entire funding and infrastructure and craft their nation's policies. Only they can make the necessary changes on a large enough scale for it to matter.

So Long, Farewell!

We have learned much during our research and we as a team have grown even closer together through the course of this project.

Once again, we would like to thank Mr. Mark Lim our IRS teacher for helping us out with our content as well as providing Mr. Chia's email for us. We would also like to thank all our interviewees as well for providing time for us out of their busy schedules! 


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